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New Favourites in The Gift Shop!

New Favourites in The Gift Shop!

Welcome to The Gift Shop - Here’s what is new for Fall 2021!

But first - are you wondering what The Gift Shop is?

Well let me introduce it to you!

The Gift Shop + SarahBeePottery is a merging of my two passion projects. I had always dreamed of one day setting up a small shop, a quaint little storefront and a pottery studio hidden away somewhere in behind. But as life goes on, so do dreams you know? As it turns out, I quite like working from home and being able to spend more time with my family - and I realized I didn’t need to leave home to do both. I could still share my ceramics with the world, and my cute and quirky gift shop finds without having a traditional brick + mortar store front.

So voila, my tiny little gift shop that you can access anytime online! I think you are going to love it.

Up cycled scrunchies made right here in Canada by Lace Antlers Clothing Co. 


The cutest, trendiest, an yet most function little crates ever! We’ve got the mini crates in three colours, pink, green, and grey! They are perfect for storing art supplies!


Speaking of art supplies, you can’t go wrong with a pencil set. These make the best gifts + stocking stuffers for the artists in your life (or for yourself!). 

Shopping for a gift? Choose a card to accompany it! I searched high and low for the perfect card that would match my ceramic pieces and the general vibe of SarahBeePottery and landed on this sweet Canadian card company! 


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